Vintage ads from 1969

April 15, 2014


We just watched the first episode of the new Madmen season last night. I love Matthew Weiner’s attention to detail. The shot of Don Draper riding the escalator against that colorful tile wall in the airport was to die for, let alone the costumes and hairstyles in the rest of the scenes. So I loved checking out these vintage ads from 1969 (the year the new season takes place) to get the vibe of the actual advertising world.

via Vulture (click link to see the rest)

p.s I loved this interview with Matthew Weiner in the current issue of the Paris Review. Pick up the issue (with illustrations by me) to read the whole interview.


I love this photo for Life Magazine by Alfred Eisenstaedt (most famous for his V-J Day photos, you know the one of the sailor kissing the woman in Times Square, right?).

As the editor, writer, poet and former director of photography for LIFE, David Friend, once noted, this picture is Eisenstaedt’s “ode to joy.”

“It was early in the morning,” Eisenstaedt himself recalled of the fall day in 1950 when he took the photo. On assignment for LIFE, covering the University of Michigan’s nationally famous marching band, he spotted the school’s drum major practicing his craft. Then, Eisenstaedt said, “I saw a little boy running after him, and all the faculty children on the playing field ran after the boy. And I ran after them. This is a completely spontaneous, unstaged picture.”

Speaking of happy. “Happy” the song makes Pharrell cry.



American Illustration 33

April 7, 2014

So thrilled to have my work for the Paris Review selected to appear in American Illustration 33. I had a piece in AI 32. The book was a beautiful compilation of amazing illustration. I was honored to be included and that feeling carries over to this year! “From 9,720 images entered by 1,439 illustrators, magazines, agencies, publishers and schools, the jury selected, by a majority vote or better, only 384 images to appear in the book and represent the best pictures from 2013.”


Caption12 revised
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I illustrated the cover and first installment of Rachel Cusk’s novel Outline in the last issue of the Paris Review. The second portion of the novel is published in the current issue (208) with my illustrations and hand lettered captions. I’m forcing myself not to look ahead in the manuscript and only focus on the section I’m illustrating despite the temptation to read to the end! Pick up the latest the Paris Review and the previous issue and check out a bunch of my illustrations here (more in the issue).
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eat work cuddle sleep_1

Happy to announce that a winner has been chosen (congratulations Madeline!) to receive the OliveBox featuring my book and Eat Work Cuddle Sleep.

I got a lot of inquiries about the print. If you are interested in purchasing one at a larger scale they’re available through Gallery Hanahou (just scroll down to the section featuring my work and you’ll see it).

Follow the instructions on the print above for a guaranteed good weekend and life ; )

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