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1966 New York Subway photos

I’m pretty much obsessed with street photography (my favorite is Gary Winogrand) and especially anything depicting New York in its various incarnations.

I love these photos that give me a glimpse of NYC underground in 1966 via Gothamist.

Other interesting photo series from my archives:

  1. Bill Cunningham Facades
  2. Vivian Kubrick
  3. Juergen Teller
  4. Vivian Maier
  5. 1970’s footage of NYC
  6. 1939 color footage of NYC
  7. Humans of New York



Seriously easy recipes + tips from friends who know

I recently asked some friends to share some of their easy (5 ingredients or close to it) go-to recipes and tips. We all have kids and need fast easy dinners with a minimum of ingredients and prep work (stuff you can make ahead and keep in the fridge for an easy heat-up-serve meal). All comments from the last month (and specifically this crispy tofu post) got deleted during a blog renovation so feel free to leave a link or comment here with your tip or recipe and check out The Forest Feast, Sunday Suppers, Small Plates & Sweet Treats and Wild Apple Journal.

I have to start with the best suggestion of all from Gemma Burgess,  “I have this amazing recipe called “seamless.com” but it’s pretty complicated so maybe you guys should work up to it?”

And now for the rest:

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Stepping outside my comfort zone

I’ve been approached a number of times in the last 6 months to come to events and do live drawing and sketching of guests. I admire artists who do this but I have become set in my ways doing commercial projects from my studio, working from photographic reference with total privacy. If I mess up, I scrap the painting and start again. I have the freedom to scan and digitally tweak things like contrast and color.

I was recently approached to do a backdrop for a special event and to live draw editors and guests as they come in. I turned down the on site part initially but the client persisted so I wound up agreeing. It’s been a while since I’ve painted from observation. I used to love doing figure drawing and painting but it’s been a while so I invited a couple of friends over and took out my paints and went to it. My goal was to paint them as quickly as possible. At the event I’ll only have a couple of minutes for each painting. I tried a couple of different materials but realize that watercolors are truly home for me. I’ll use a limited palette and aim to use the simplest strokes to capture the movement, energy and gesture of my subject and then if there’s time I’ll add some more details.

Here are some of the paintings I did the other night as warm ups. Thanks for posing Rubi and Natalie.


Thrilled to say that my book Well-Read Women: Portraits of Fiction’s Most Beloved Heroines is currently the #1 best seller in Art Portraits on Amazon. It’s #2 in Painting and #10 in Watercolor. I’m so excited that it’s still chugging along since coming out in September last year.  I’m currently starting work on my next book. I’ll be excited to share little sneak peeks as I go along. It’ll be published in April 2016. Stay tuned.

Looking for a nice holiday gift for a pal, your mom, yourself? Check it out.



Emily Johnston photography

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Emily Johnston who came over to shoot my space for an upcoming home decor book. I’m amazed by her beautiful work. She recently had a show called What It Was. The photographs are natural, quiet and moody conveying our connection to nature both internal and external and the stillness of being (that’s my take anyhow). Check out Emily’s portfolio and follow along on her adventures on Instagram.

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