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Happy Thanksgiving! I am so excited to spend quality time with my family as we always do at this time of year. There’s so much to be grateful for. I’m signing off for a few days.

Before I do I wanted to offer you a discount code for my shop in case you want to start your holiday shopping. Samlovesme will get you $5 off any order.

I put some new art posters and prints in there and plan to add even more in coming weeks but use the code now and stock up on tees, sweatshirts and art for yourself or someone you love.


Behind The Slings with Sakura Bloom

I was thrilled with Sakura Bloom reached out to collaborate again. I love sites that feature the motherhood stories. Here’s my banner for their newest feature Behind The Slings, featuring an inside look at the lives, interests, and wisdom of some of their most influential, entrepreneurial friends.


Daily Paintings

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 1.18.28 PM

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 1.18.16 PMI’ve mentioned here before that I try to do daily drawings or paintings. Sometimes, well let’s be honest, most of the time it does not happen. If I have more than one job on my desk I don’t want to spend any time on other things. Above are a few recent explorations where I am playing with collage. I stole some of my son Henry’s tissue paper (he’s not that into collage anyway).  To be completely honest with you, I’m in the midst of something. I’m not sure how to label it, but I’m feeling a bit stuck creatively. So I think it’s good to simply play around with materials that are not my usual go-tos. We’ll see if playing around can help me out of my rut. Follow my daily work and play on Instagram if you like and have a stellar weekend.


Blurb Portfolio Book


I love having a tête-à-tête with a potential client and sharing my work at a larger scale than the typical thumbnail size online. So when Blurb reached out to me to try their professional print-on-demand service to create a portfolio book of course I jumped at the chance.  

They have a range of professional tools and plug-ins. Since I use Adobe Photoshop, I went with their PDF uploader. I created my book to their size specifications and then simply uploaded it to Blurb, chose the format (I went with hardcover image wrap in 8X10), paper type (matte) and even the endpaper color. I created a portfolio book to showcase my fashion and beauty illustration. I can show my hand-lettering, editorial and publishing work in a separate portfolio and art directors can flip through this book at our meeting. I had a few extras made to send to blue chip clients as well.  

An art director once told me that my fashion illustrations added a “Grace Note” to the usual fashion week photography roll call. I loved that so I gave that title to the portfolio and added a bit of an introduction about how I express my viewpoint as an artist through the representation of the human form, reducing ideas to their essential elements—movement, texture, light, line, emotion.

You can flip through the book in preview if you like. And, here’s a hyperlapse I made on Instagram. Save 25% until November 11, 2015*. Code: BITE25

More images from the interior after the jump…

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via the Cut: NY street style 70'svia the Cut: NY street style 70's
Anyone who has read Maquette for years knows that I’m obsessed with street photography, especially street style photography in NYC. My favorite style era (minus the polyester) is the 70’s. So you can imagine my excitement at hitting the jackpot with these photos on The Cut from a series “LUNCHTIME” BY CHARLES H. TRAUB. Ah-mazing no? If I didn’t see the bus billboard in the back, I’d think the blonde girl below was from today. via the Cut: NY street style 70's

You can have a field day mining my archives for all sorts of street photography.