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January 6, 2014

What a hectic week this will be. We’re moving to Brooklyn on Thursday. So in addition to packing and getting into 2014 projects we’re busily plotting and planning our new space. We should probably wait and just play around with furniture once we get there but it’s fun to imagine how everything will be laid […]


Throughout life there are rare opportunities to make friends and even more rare opportunities to make those friendships grow into something more. I have a handful of women in my life who I was lucky enough to meet when we were around 11 years old. Life has been an incredible journey and it’s been an […]

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Some super cool girls I know started an amazing site called Clementine Daily. I was honored when Erin Loechner, one of said cool girls asked to interview me for Everyday Icons. Here’s an excerpt. Click over to see the rest of Erin’s thoughtful questions and my answers: What is your personal motto or mantra? Choose […]

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I was thrilled when Anthology Magazine asked me me to illustrate their sartorial issue cover (issue 13). I was also so honored when they came over to shoot me in my home/studio, interview me about my book Well-Read Women: Portraits of Fiction’s Most Beloved Heroines and ask my questions about my illustration career for a lovely feature in […]



September 26, 2013

I’ve been overwhelmed by the positive response to my book. I had hoped it would speak to people who love these literary heroines. I thought mainly women would like the book though I’d hoped men would too. It never even occurred to me that a male dog could have such positive feelings about it. This […]