bright lab2
bright lab The ever talented Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day! recently launched a new company that sells gorgeous, colorful cotton lights. Welcome to the world Bright Lab. I’m actually obsessed and kind of want more than one set. I am definitely getting some for our new baby (coming in 2 weeks). We just don’t know her color scheme yet. Isn’t that strange of me to give each of my children their own color scheme? It may sound odd but I kind of love it for Henry. Orange is the main color I pick for him from a rocking chair to a sun hat and then accent colors of birch, white and black. I don’t know what Vivian’s colors will be yet but I am definitely getting her a strand of these beauties. I’m in love with both the sorbet set and the metallic.

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Mixed media prints

August 21, 2014

mix 3
mixed media pattern2
I’ve been hunkering down, trying to finish all of my commercial projects in time for the baby’s arrival in 2 weeks. EEK! Luckily, I’m in good shape and turning everything in on time…with time to spare just in case Vivian decides to make an early appearance. I am usually really happy with client driven projects but can’t help but feel compelled sometimes to do my own thing. Usually abstractions are a great way to play with color and just feel free as compared with my commercial work that’s often about the figure and in my watercolor style.

The other day Henry and I were drawing together with some of his oil pastels and other materials on simple manila and newsprint paper. I was just playing around and decided to scan some of the playful designs I worked on and create these patterns.


Coco Chanel’s Birthday

August 19, 2014


“In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.” -Coco Chanel

Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel’s (Coco) birthday was August 19th, 1883. She was born in Saumur, France. She died at age 87 in 1971.

Above is a portrait I did of her for this exhibit (here’s an interview I gave with the South China Morning Post about the exhibit if you want to read more about it).

What an interesting and influential woman she was. She had a life full of tragedy, love, loss, success, struggle and accolade.


Marie Claire cover 1 Happy Monday. If you follow me on instagram you will have seen some sneak peeks of a really great project I recently had the privilege to work on, the cover-lines and interior lettering for Marie Claire Magazine’s big 20th Anniversary issue—out now! Pick it up on the newsstand or subscribe and take a look at my work here. Have a great start to your week! 3 5 [click to continue…]


Lela Rose invite citrine border2

I was beyond thrilled to illustrate the invitation for incredible designer Lela Rose‘s Spring 2015 fashion show at Lincoln Center Pavilion. She asked me to illustrate silhouetted figures in grayscale at a downtown loft party. There’s another big collaboration for the show that’ll be revealed in in September.

I’ve always been smitten with Lela’s incredibly feminine silhouettes, stunning fabrics and textures. I had the privilege of checking out the Spring 2015 collection at her show room. Just wait till you see it!