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Karine Laval: Abstract swimming pool photographs

I’m sort of in shock that August is here. The summer is slipping through my fingers. I fondly recall summers of my childhood full of lake swimming, hiking, beach trips and dips in a pool. With two kids and a full plate of work, we’ve sort of let the weekends drift through our fingers. There are plenty of trips to the playground for sprinklers and Henry does go swimming trips at his day camp but I’m deeply craving a family beach day and full submersion in a pool. Tell me, is there anything as rejuvenating?

I love this series by French photographer Karine Laval aptly titled The Pool, taken at swimming pools throughout Europe. Laval employs saturated tones and bleached-out blues, harkening back to her childhood “Super-8 home movies my family made in the 1970s.” The lure for Laval was the idea that swimming pools and beach resorts are a combination of the natural and the artificial: “They represent a dominant theme of modern life in our culture and mix the natural element of water with the culture and social element of a manmade environment,” she explains.

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“Only Good Hair Days” in my shop

Only Good Hair Days framed

Happy to announce some new items in my shop including “Only Good Hair Dayssweatshirt, t-shirt, large framed poster and small poster. I got the idea to letter this after my friend, stylist and author Rubi Jones whose book aptly titled The Art of Hair had me letter that sentiment on some totes for a give-away she was hosting. If only lettering it would make it true for me somehow. Sigh. Only good hair days mock sweatshirt
Only good hair days mocked


55 Second Film Festival

4 films in under a minute! Enjoy.


National Lipstick Day

Sadly, I can’t seem to find a lipstick that works on me. Actually, I do like a subtle nude color but I mean I can’t find an orange, red, berry or pink that works. I always feel clownish. My son and husband don’t like when I wear it either because it leaves smooch marks on them. I love the way lipstick looks on others though and I especially love painting it in watercolor. Here’s a flashback to when I used it to hand-letter this special cover for Vogue Nippon. And here’s another flashback illustration featuring lips I posted to Instagram.


Seventeen Magazine: August Issue

I had so much fun creating these illustrations for the latest issue of Seventeen Magazine. As a teen I was a subscriber. So it was such a blast coming back to it.

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