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Homage to David Bowie


I was so sad to learn that David Bowie passed away. I have had his music in my head for the last couple of days. I felt compelled to make this sketch of him. I needed to do it. He reminds me of my dad who worked with him on Labyrinth (my dad engineered the music). I remember so vividly meeting him. He’s our favorite around here and will live on through his music.


The Creative Clarity Summit

I was so happy to have an authentic conversation with Dan Blank for the Creative Clarity Summit about the path I took to my career as well as thoughts on life, family, art and business. You can register for free and it’s online so totally worth it if you are curious about how various creatives operate. My talk will go live on Thursday. If you tune in, let me know what you think. Here’s a short clip.


Seventeen Magazine: February 2016 issue

Check out my first 2016 work in the latest issue of Seventeen Magazine. Always so thrilled to work with them. Look for another coming in the March issue. Whee!Seventeen Feb 2016-1
Seventeen Feb 2016-2


Lenny Letter: The Poetry Issue

Amber Tamblyn
Ariana Reines
I woke up this morning as I always do at 5:30AM with my baby in my arms after she woke initially at 4:50AM; and we dragged her into our bed hoping to steal a few more winks of sleep. Then my husband took her into the kitchen to start the morning while I lazily scrolled through my inbox to see if I missed anything important between midnight and now (worst habit). This morning something good was actually in there, the poetry issue of Lenny Letter. If you don’t know what Lenny is, it’s an amazingly cool newsletter founded by Jenni Konner and Lena Dunham. I was tasked with illustrating a portfolio to be paired with each poem in the issue. I chose to cull through each for poignant captions to letter and I illustrated a portfolio of women that conveyed the mood or tone of the caption. Check them out: Amber Tamblyn, Ariana Reines (in the newsletter), Diamond Sharp, Chelsea Martin, and Morgan Parker.
Diamond Sharp
Chelsea Martin
Morgan Parker


By George ads in Vogue and Vanity Fair


It was so much fun visiting Austin for SXSW with Refinery29 earlier this year. Though I was there for a whirlwind as my little baby Viv was still a peanut and needed me to zip back home after our project. I’d so love to go back to Austin and explore. I was thrilled when this amazing boutique By George hit me up to illustrate ads in local Vogue and Vanity Fair.