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New Timelapse: Choose Happiness

I can’t stop making these time-lapse animations. I’m learning Adobe Premiere. It’s above my pay grade but I’m making it happen! Hope you like.


NEW timelapse animations

I have become totally obsessed with making these timelapse animations. I think I’m going to step up my game though and try Adobe Premier. Anyway, enjoy one of my latest and follow along on Instagram as well.


Bubble Gum Pop

Here’s a new timelapse animation I made with my own sound effects : )

For some reason youtube keeps clipping the video (frustrating. Any tips?). If you want to see the last couple of seconds, it’s here on Instagram too. Sorry.


Shop Sale (last day) + animation

Today’s the last day in my shop for free shipping + $5 off with code SamanthaHahnJuly.

Also, enjoy my little first attempt at an animation from yesterday. I will be working on this more and more and sharing my experimentation, here, on Instagram and my new artist facebook page. Follow along!


Menswear looks: Phillip Lim + Dries Van Noten

Phillip Lim
Dries Van Noten

I mostly illustrate women, especially when it comes to portraying designer looks for magazines and sites. Recently the menswear shows happened so I decided to take a look and was inspired to paint a couple of ensembles with nice details such as silky belt ties, mesh shirts, suspenders and jackets with little leather spikes. The original paintings are on my instagram if you want to see how they look before I scan and clean them up a bit.

Also, I’m excited to tell you that I finally set up an official artist page on facebook. Please join me. I’ll share updates on projects, personal work, sneak peeks and other news.

Please enjoy $5 off any orders in my shop from now through July 7th–with this code SamanthaHahnJuly and have a great weekend! XOX.