Milton Glaser for Madmen

March 18, 2014

madmen poster
I was beyond excited when I read this Times article revealing that graphic design baron Milton Glaser would be designing the upcoming season of Madmen‘s billboards and posters. I love that Matthew Weiner grew up admiring Glaser’s work. His sentiments perfectly describe why Glaser’s being hit up to create the illustrations: “he said he had long dreamed of Mr. Glaser’s having a hand in the show’s ads — not only because of his renown as the creator of the ubiquitous I <3 NY logo and other images, but also because he embodied the ethos of the era, as the clean-lined, clean-conscience advertising of the 1950s and early 1960s fractured, along with the culture, into something more chaotic, self-doubting and interesting.”

Nothing is more true to me than Glaser’s axiom “Art is Work”. His life and career are a testament to said philosophy.

Only Glaser could command such deference from a client, “I don’t like to talk to anybody because I always want to have my way in everything,” he said.

To which Mr. Weiner responded: “And I want to talk to everybody because I want my way.” But he added, “Basically, once we decided that it was going to be Milton, I just deferred to him.”

The Trippy ’60s, Courtesy of a Master: ‘Mad Men’ Enlists the Graphics Guru Milton Glaser is a great article with wonderful insights into Glaser’s mind. I suggest you click over and read it all and look for his work on busses and billboards next week. Can’t wait for the season to start.


Esh, some of these hurt to read. Not from the perspective of the artist but from the writer of the rejection. Can you imagine listening to Madonna and turning her away from your record label and then seeing what became of her career? Or saying “no thank you” to Andy Warhol as he tries to gift one of his drawings to your museum. Ouch. I’m sure these letters stung for the recipients but they also must have motivated the artists to keep pushing through. To me that’s the common denominator when you read success stories in the arts: Talent and fortitude.

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Here’s an interesting story in photographs depicting the life of Vivian Kubrick, daughter of Stanley Kubrick prior to their estrangement. She posted the selection of photographs taken over the years as she worked scoring some of Kubrick’s films such as Full Metal Jacket and also just simply growing up his daughter. She basically joined the Church of Scientology and despite her family’s pleading was lost to them for many years. It has been suggested that Eyes Wide Shut was Stanley Kubrick’s “requiem for his lost daughter”. She did attend her father’s funeral with a Scientology handler.

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Hello NY by Julia Rothman

March 12, 2014

As soon as Julia Rothman let out a sneak peek of her latest book Hello NY, I was super excited. I was born and raised here (my husband too). I grew up on the upper west side when it had the vibe of Brooklyn today (where we live now). I’ve lived on 73rd st, 81st st, 97th st, 103rd st, 32nd st, St. Marks Ave. (Brooklyn) and now 6th Ave. (Brooklyn). My grandparents met on a beach in Coney Island and my nana schooled the people at the Lower East Side Tenement Museum about her experience living down there (she’s currently 97 years old). My mom used to get me a black and white cookie at MoMA and we also frequented the AMNH (still do). I have countless favorite places in Manhattan and Brooklyn and so many memories of how it used to be, yet there’s so much to discover still.

I love Julia’s book. I just know E. B White would have had Julia illustrate his love letter to NY, Here is New York. Whether you are from NY or not, there’s so much to see in this book and so many personal touches that I find fascinating like her dad’s memory of playing stickball out in the street as a kid, her memories of growing up on City Island and a conversational interview with an Egyptian cab driver who lives in Astoria. In addition to all of this and more, Julia’s illustrations are at once whimsical and full of rich character. I love this book. Get it now.

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Have a romantic weekend

March 6, 2014

…I won’t be.

My husband is in Austin for SXSW. I’m actually happy for him to get some time away from “normal life”. He’s there for work but he’ll be going to some movie premiers and spending time with friends and maybe sleeping till 7AM, all without having to do household chores. I of course will miss him so much and Henry will too but sometimes a change of scenery and stepping out of your normal routine is good for the soul. I’m sure he’ll be excited to get back to us but hopefully he’ll be invigorated from scintillating conversations with new and old friends and connections with exciting people doing exciting things.

photo of Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward