A Mother is a Story is a week old!

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I can’t believe a whole week has passed since A Mother is a Story and Stories for my Child were born. The launch party at Story was so much fun. I was honored to see so many friends and clients and fans of the book come by to say hello. Below is a snap my best friend’s mom took of us. Sweet. Above are photos by Oh Joy! and Rubi Jones. I love seeing your photos pop up on Instagram. Please share your favorite spreads or a fun snap of the covers in your place and use the #amotherisastory and #storiesformychild. Thank you so much for your support! Of course if you’d like to leave a review on Amazon that would be so awesome of you.
Me and Vi BFFAE


A Mother is a Story hits bookstores today!

book rainbow
I honestly can’t believe the book is out today. I worked hard on it and hope the words and images resonate with you.

Here’s a picture I snapped yesterday afternoon. There’s this magic time of day; when work is over, the kids are playing on the livingroom floor. The room floods with light and streams through the prism spreading rainbows around. It’s beautiful and fleeting just like babyhood and childhood. In creating this book I tried to bottle the experience of motherhood against the days when the kids will no longer need me the way they do now. Which is something I work toward but of course fear.

If you can, please join me tomorrow night at the book launch party at STORY.

Also follow along today, I’m taking over Abrams Instagram feed and sharing peeks at the book as well as family photos and even a photo of me and my mom (which is always sweet to see. My son Henry looks so much like I did back then and I look like my mom).


Book Launch Party Invite!!!!

A Mother is a Story Book Launch invitation
I would be so honored if you would join me to celebrate the publication of my latest book, A Mother is a Story. There will be wine + cheese, sparkling conversation, and of course copies of the book.


WHAT: A party to celebrate the launch of my book, A Mother is a Story, and the accompanying guided journal, Stories for my Child.

WHEN: Next Wednesday, March 23rd, from 6-8 p.m.

WHERE: STORY, 144 10th Ave. at 19th St. Subway: A, C, E & L at 14th St. / 8th Ave.



5A mother's heart is child's schoolroom
6A mother's happiness
8African Proverb


Daily Paintings

daily drawing2
daily drawing
daily drawing3In my dream world I’d have the perfect amount of work at all times. I’d work on one thing at a time followed by a brief pause and then another. Reality is different. I’m very very grateful and lucky to have a lot of work on my plate. I stacked the deck that way actually, by giving myself personal projects that often lead to a commercial end like my books. I love my work and believe that I’m always growing and learning from it. However I do think it’s important to do work without a commercial end. It leaves some room for experimentation or at least a lack of self-consciousness about everything being perfect for the client. Sometimes I only have a few minutes of free time during the work day and I allow myself to do some abstractions or cut paper. Other times I feel like portraying the figure but perhaps using some unusual color palettes and loose brushstrokes. I share some of these paintings on instagram in their naked, un-edited form and there’s something cathartic and honest about that experience for me.


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