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LIFE With Rock Stars and Their Parents

I’m kind of obsessed with this vintage Time Magazine photo series. Just look at those homes! The lamps, the rugs, the paint colors, the furniture…wow. I don’t know what’s more fascinating about this feature, the 70’s decor aesthetic or the visible tension between kin.



the gratitude project
Every year I make personal resolutions like: Eat less sugar, jog more, do more collaborations, whittle down my wardrobe to essentials…etc. These are all worthy goals for optimizing life but I feel like a resolution, a real resolution has to be bigger and deeper. Last year I resolved to be content in 2014. I’ll admit it was a big feat. Nonetheless, a little voice nagged at me to stop for a minute and actually be content when my mind started racing around in all directions.

I woke up this morning getting ready for a work day but wound up taking a little nap with Vivian. we laid in the sunlight on my bed and her warm sweet face was pressed up against me and I realized how very grateful I am for everything I have this year.

This year I resolve to maintain a gratitude list. Each night writing down or at least thinking of a few things I’m grateful for will help that content and grateful voice flourish. I have so very much to be grateful for. Here’s my main list:

  1. A healthy and loving family and friends (including my new baby and my 5 year old)
  2. A cozy home in a wonderful neighborhood
  3. My career

Feel free to share this post/image and #thegratitudeproject on instagram and why not list the 3 main things you are grateful for this year?


A Year in Review


I just sent out my industry newsletter and listed some of the great projects I’ve had the privilege to work on in 2014 so I thought why not share it here with you too.

2014 has been a banner year. In addition to great work projects I had a baby, my son started Kindergarten and frankly I feel luckier than ever before. My resolution this year is to maintain a gratitude list. It’s easy to get caught up in what you don’t have, want to have and think you need to have. Instead I will shoot to find serenity and contentment.

Anyway, here are 10 projects from 2014 and news about what’s to come early in the new year:

1. Lela Rose: Spring 2015 fashion show invitation and giant backdrops behind the runway at Lincoln Center Pavilion.

2. the Paris Review: Issues 207208209, and 210.  This illustration for 207 will be published in American Illustration 33. And 5 more images from the series were chosen by Creative Quarterly 37.

3. A selection of the editorials (in 2014):
Marie Claire (cover lettering for September anniversary issue + interior story), Oprah (also check out this quote banner for theOprah mag. offices), New York Observer, Refinery29 (also check out this special R29 project and their tour of my space), Real Simple, Southern Living, Vogue Nippon and again, Deichmann and Essence

4. Uncommon Goods: Limited edition archival prints from the Well-Read Women book

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1966 New York Subway photos

I’m pretty much obsessed with street photography (my favorite is Gary Winogrand) and especially anything depicting New York in its various incarnations.

I love these photos that give me a glimpse of NYC underground in 1966 via Gothamist.

Other interesting photo series from my archives:

  1. Bill Cunningham Facades
  2. Vivian Kubrick
  3. Juergen Teller
  4. Vivian Maier
  5. 1970’s footage of NYC
  6. 1939 color footage of NYC
  7. Humans of New York



Seriously easy recipes + tips from friends who know

I recently asked some friends to share some of their easy (5 ingredients or close to it) go-to recipes and tips. We all have kids and need fast easy dinners with a minimum of ingredients and prep work (stuff you can make ahead and keep in the fridge for an easy heat-up-serve meal). All comments from the last month (and specifically this crispy tofu post) got deleted during a blog renovation so feel free to leave a link or comment here with your tip or recipe and check out The Forest Feast, Sunday Suppers, Small Plates & Sweet Treats and Wild Apple Journal.

I have to start with the best suggestion of all from Gemma Burgess,  “I have this amazing recipe called “seamless.com” but it’s pretty complicated so maybe you guys should work up to it?”

And now for the rest:

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