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Rubi Jones interviewed me

Rubi interview with me

I love love love Rubi Jones. I feel so very happy and lucky to call her a friend and collaborator. I recently had the pleasure of illustrating her incredible book. Get it. Here’s an interview she did with me on her beautiful site.


Mac Jacobs Resort16
Lela Rose Resort 2016
Stella McCartney Resort

I spent the morning doing these quick illos of some great Resort 2016 looks. The Marc Jacobs show just started so I took a sneaky peek at his instagram feed for inspiration. I’d love to do a few more looks. There are some great ones from The Row that I have my eye on. We’ll see if I can find the time! Anyway, check my feed. I’ll post there if I do any more.


Hair Apparent: Bubblegum pink bob

I’ve decided to make time each day to do a little play. I can get so bogged down in work and leave myself no mess around time so now I’m going to enforce a rule that I must do at least one playful piece a day. It can take 1 minute to 20 minutes…however long I have or want depending on my workload. Today, I added to my instagram series #hairapparent where I do some loose interpretations of hair styles. I had some tissue paper so I drew a face and overlaid the pink pieces on top. I didn’t even use glue. I kind of like the idea that these pieces are totally ephemeral. After snapping a photo I tilted the picture forward and blew the tissue paper scraps into the trash…and that’s that. Happy Monday.


I recently had the pleasure of working on a logo for Conde Nast Traveler “Voyages”. They launched a series of once in a lifetime itineraries and guides on their site and in the magazine. The final logo includes a painted “V” but we did a number of iterations to get there if you’d like to see some, after the jump. [click to continue…]


Big Announcement!

I’m opening a shop!


I was going to wait until all of my samples arrived to shoot some great promo images but I’m too excited and actually could use your thoughts. This is the beta version. Over the next few months I’d like to tweak and edit the site to have more of what you want and less of what you don’t. I’ll consider this a test to see what people respond to. Do you like tank tops with lettering, all over patterned t-shirts or are you looking for posters? Do you want posters with fashion girls, or more abstract images? I’ll just wait and see what people order and then do more of that. Right now, there are really nice American Apparel pieces with my designs. Please take a snap of you wearing one of the pieces, if you pick one up. Without further delay….here’s my shop!