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Artists in regular mode

Sometimes when we think of these master 20th century artists, we imagine them larger than life. We can’t imagine them doing mundane things, or even having a regular conversation. We think they must have always said transcendent things and floated above the earth in a state of artistic flow at all times…but actually they were just people; just really talented, successful people.

I think Philip Pearlstein and Andy Warhol were college room mates. It’s a magic world. What a great shot of Andy on the street in NYC. I wonder what Helen Frankenthaler chatted about with Jackson Pollack on the beach? Do you think they have pb&j sandwiches together? Imagine Picasso braiding his daughter’s hair.

I love these snapshots of them (and others) in laid back mode via The Huffington Post. Check it out.


Thank God It’s Monday T-Shirt

american apparel__apricot_wrinkle front_mockup
My friend Gemma, a published novelist, screenplay writer and mama recently posted a hysterical photo of her family. The photo depicts her husband, also a hard working dude/dad in the bathroom with their two kids. It’s one of those scenes that you totally recognize as a parent. One kid is on the potty (obviously he’s been sitting there for quite a while) while the other is sort of hyperactively gallivanting around. Dad is perched uncomfortably on the ledge of the tub and mom is snapping a iphone photo for posterity. The parents are both at once exasperated and in love with their kiddos. They wouldn’t have it any other way but boy oh boy can those weekends be relentlessly long.

As a parent there are many moments of blissed out joy and many moments that can stretch you to your max. Therefore, the idea of returning to your your other passion on Monday can actually be a respite. I commented on Gemma’s photo with this “T.G.I.M” and she proclaimed, “I need that shirt!”. You asked, I answered dear Gemma. I need it too. I love my kids. I love my work.

The shirt is now in my shop if you want it. It’s printed on a beautiful apricot colored, soft, scoop-neck American Apparel T-shirt. Get it here!



I’ll read any article about Madonna ever.

I love this recent one Growing Older with Madonna in the Times.

She’ll always have a special place in my heart. What a pleasure to grow up listening (lip-synching with my friends) and and see her still thriving, cutting the path for new performers year after year while still blowing up the spotlight on her own.

I could watch her dance all day long (fun seeing Alexander Wang and Miley Cyrus make cameos in the video).


Live Painting Event with Beauty Blender

Last night I had a cool live painting gig on a rooftop in lower Manhattan with Beauty Blender. They were launching their new Blotterazzi product to beauty editors and make-up artists and asked me to paint portraits in my loose colorful style at the event.

We did it in a unique way from how I worked for Refinery29 at SXSW and Vidal Sassoon. Instead of editors sitting for portraits, the Beauty Blender team snapped polaroids so that the table where I was working didn’t overcrowd and the editors could chat and move about and then pick up their dry portrait at the end of the night. Here are some snaps from the event. It was so much fun!

Thank you to my lovely agent Koko who snapped these photos at the event. I may regram some images from editors and a video or two on instagram so follow along. More after the jump… [click to continue…]


New art posters in the shop

poster_24×36_wall_mockup copy
poster_24×36_wall_mockup copy 2
aqua girl
I’ve been getting inquiries about these paintings so I made them into 24X36 posters for you!

Check them out in my shop.