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CFDA + Refinery29 dinner for Rachel Zoe

Rachel Zoe menu2
Oh my gosh it’s been forever since I posted anything. I’m so so inundated with work. My next book is due this week including the cover and then I have to start working on a journal that’ll go along with it. I’m excited to be at this point but still have revisions to make and other projects on my proverbial plate. Speaking of plates (the non-proverbial kind), I recently had the pleasure of working with Refinery29 again. They asked me to create a menu for a special CFDA dinner honoring Rachel Zoe. It was so fun to work on and here it is in situ (photo by Billy Farrell of BFA).



I’m enamored by my friend Randi Brookman Harris‘s work, she’s a prop stylist but also one of my favorite commercial artists working today. We have this up in our living room and I follow along closely with what she’s working on, seeing and living on Instagram. She’s definitely one of my favorite artists and I’m so happy to be pals with her too.

Sometimes the most complicated and well executed art looks the simplest at first glance. Here’s more info on Randi’s amazing work (above) that’s nominated for cover of the year by the Society of Publication Designers. I sure hope it wins.

Last summer, Randi got a call about styling the cover for The New York Times Magazine alongside her friend and frequent collaborator, photographer Johnny Miller. The cover story was about activists working to give women access to abortion pills at home. The Design Director, Gail Bichler, wanted to evoke that emotional feeling of receiving a package in the mail when readers opened up the Sunday paper with the magazine at its core.

 “In order to protect the actual packages of pills from being recognized and confiscated in international mail, I wasn’t allowed to see what they looked like. I searched out multitudes of envelopes and mailers: every size, color, and type available. I had Indian postmarks made into rubber stamps. I had a single pill blister-pack custom made on a vacu-form machine to spec — (the image of which ended up illustrating another story).

The deadline was also the thing, of course, and it had to be shot after-hours in Johnny’s studio since we were both booked on other jobs the day we had to shoot it. We were shooting till late. Snacks were purchased at the Duane Reade well past midnight: Bananas, Doritos, Twix & Twizzlers fueled variations. I dirtied the envelopes more, deepened creases, stamped and restamped the postmarks, smoothed out wrinkles…”

I love hearing the story behind the art work and Randi always has a good one.



American Illustration 34: My illo for Vogue Nippon

Cool news. I’m excited to announce that from 9,175 pictures entered by 1,356 illustrators, magazines, agencies, publishers and schools, the jury selected, by a majority vote or better, only 376 images to appear in the American Illustration 34 book, including one by me done for Vogue Nippon. I’m honored to have done a piece that was chosen. The book is always gorgeous. I can’t wait to see it when it comes out.

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A compendium of teenage bedrooms from movies

I’m obsessed with this: Compendium of Teenage Bedrooms on Screen via Messyness Chic. Above are a few favorites from Pretty in Pink, That Thing You Do, and Beetlejuice. Good stuff. Click through to the whole batch and have a great weekend! XO.

p.s one of my favorite artists is my friend/prop stylist Randi Brookman Harris. Take a look at these photos and tell me you can take for granted the work prop stylists do.


Refinery29 Style Bytes at SXSW: Live portraits

style bytes by KSNY
portraits mocked up
I was thrilled when Refinery29 (one of my favorite clients) reached out to me to do live paintings of guests at an event, Style Bytes for the who’s who of fashion and media in Austin for the interactive portion of SXSW.

It was a whirlwind trip for me. I flew in on Friday (wake up time 3AM) and out on Saturday (wake up time 3AM again!).

The event was gorgeously designed and run by the Refinery 29 event gurus and locals such as Transplants Florals who put together sick bouquets of birds of paradise and monstera and baby pineapples on stalks.

I must have painted over 100 portraits. I met some incredible ladies (and some fellas) doing incredible things in media and technology. I especially had fun with the Kate Spade NY team who were there co-hosting the event and giving out sunnies to the guests. I chose a pair of aviators from Jack Spade. I guess I’m a tom boy at heart. Photos of me are by photographer Bonnie Burke. I used my iphone to snap some shots of the portraits but didn’t get them all of course.

More pictures after the jump!

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